On the occasion of the launching of the collaboration platform “Defence Standardisation Advice - DSA”, CYS would like to address a warm salutation to this impressive initiative, which aims to promote Standardisation and Quality provided by industry, to the Defence and Security sector at international and national level. 

The Standardisation concept is highly correlated with hazards, threats, and risks arising everywhere in all sectors of economic, social, defence and security activity. Standards, which are for repeat use, are been prepared acting both proactively and reactively, always having the same goal: to increase the level of safety, security and quality by proposing solutions which make the difference.

In our era, technology is leading every contemporary activity making no exemption. On the contrary, the defence and security sector use highly sophisticated, state of the art, new technology oriented in order to produce advance systems which actually lead industry in the civil world, too. This technology, eventually, is highly depending on standards which are required to have demanding characteristics:

  • They have to be produced by the most knowledgeable experts
  • They have to be delivered on time (always yesterday!)
  • They have to be proved efficient and effective as designed
  • Every standard need to be innovative and serve multiple purposes
  • They have to be INTEROPERABLE with other systems

Standards Developing Organisations (SDO’s), at International, Regional or National level, need to encounter the above challenges. For that reason, it is of imperative need to bring together, organise and manage all relevant stakeholders deriving from the demand and supply side; the defence and security sector and the industry, sme’s, academia, researchers and technology practitioners, citizens and all affected stakeholders, around one single table to work together and produce the right standards, for the right purpose, to the right quality, to work efficiently and effectively, on time, and be interoperable.

At European and national level these needs have been identified by CEN & CENELEC and their members respectively, and are allying their efforts on a focus and systematic manner to meet these challenges, as they do for all other industry sectors. The need to enhance the competitiveness of the sector has been recognised in Europe and the aim is to produce common defence standards and make the European armies interoperable.

Defence and Security play a highly important role in Europe thus member-states, by realizing that, have created several interrelated Forums to work together and agree on common civil standards for the Defence and Security sector. Everybody’s expertise on the field is very welcomed and there is a table to sit around, share and co-work for this common aim. SDO’s offer their resources and expertise in the standardisation process acting as valuable facilitators in order to achieve all the above stated challenges.

I am more than certain that the DSA’s initiative will succeed to its goals because is working on the same lines with SDO’s as pre-described. We remain at your disposal.


Pambos Kammas
Director, Standardisation CYS