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Rules - Instructions for Use of the DSA Forum

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Access to the DSA Forum
Access to the DSA Forum is free and is granted upon registration. The registration form is offered here . There are different user access levels in the forum. These levels are described in the instructions for the use of the Forum below.

Forum Policy and Principles

The Forum is a website based tool from DSA to assist users in seeking advice or requesting training on defense standardization. DSA may remove any posting from the forum as deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the Forum and/ or DSA website. Inappropriate use of the forum may result in revocation of the posting privilege by DSA. All forum users have to comply with standards for correspondence and are responsible for the content of their contribution to the forum. For more details please check the DSA Terms and Conditions of Use and the DSA Privacy Policy sections.

Instructions for the Use of the Forum
This part aims to provide a list of directions and to explain features and functionalities to the users. It provides information that are important from the user’s point of view.


The forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. What makes the forum different from internet chat rooms is that the messages are stored, so that when user comes back to the forum his previous conversations are remembered.
There are different user access levels in the forum: the lower one is for a free member, the basic one for a full member, higher one for a moderator and highest for the administrator.

The moderators are DSA expert users who are moderating (one can say ‘arbitrating’) the discussion and also keeping the forum clean. As they have a large access to the forums they are chosen by administrators. The administrators manage the technical details required for running the site. They can promote full members users to be moderators and manage the forums. They can act as moderators.

As it was mentioned, the conversations in the forums consist of messages. Messages are contained in topics, where they appear as boxes one after another. Each box consists of user details, the date and time when the message was submitted, the message that was written by the contributor and optionally a file attachment. The first message starts the topic, the messages that follow in the topic are meant to continue the discussion about the original post or respond to other replies. To sum up, a topic is a collection of messages displayed descending from the oldest to latest. The topic can contain any number of posts, including multiple posts from the same members.
To participate in the DSA forum (watch forum activities) user must first register (see DSA Forum access). The system requires each registration request to be accepted or refused by administrator. Once registered user becomes a free member. Forum free members can only browse all topics and watch forum activities but they can’t post topics, comments and messages.

For becoming a forum full member the free member should contact DSA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As a full member user will be able to browse all topics, watch forum activities and post comments, new topics and messages. Full members can participate actively in the discussions with other forum users. There are several interesting options that become available for them. One of them is the watch topic/forum/ area option. This allows forum members to receive notifications concerning changes and updates in the chosen forums or topics. The notification is an e-mail message. Once user want to be notified by other members, he/she must click on the Subscribe button as seen in the menu.

Posting a message/topic with attachment
To post a message as a full member you must click the “Action - Reply” button. For your convenience there is also the “Quick Reply” button with the limitation for attachments.

Here you have a description concerning file upload and lower some input boxes. The message input box must be filled with some text in order to post the message. Then there’s the attachment section. Click the ‘attachment’ button if you wish to post an attachment.

Editing and deleting a message
Author can edit every message he wrote, but he can delete only the last message in the topic if he is an author of that message. The edition and deletion is performed by clicking appropriate icons.

Permissions to use the functionalities
The table below summarizes who has the permissions to use the functionalities. If you find yourself in a need to use a functionality that is disabled for you, contact the user whose access level is high enough to perform that action.
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