It is essential for a defense standardization organization to launch and operate the necessary tools (databases, collaborative platforms, and tracking tools) for the development and implementation of defense standards, the management of standardization projects towards facilitating the defense capabilities to born interoperable. In this section we are presenting well known defense standardization management tools.


NATO Standardization Documents Database (NSDD)[1]

NSDD provides consolidated storage of all NATO standardization documents and their related information, including national ratification and implementation data. An extract from the NSDD showing only the promulgated documents, bearing security classification appropriate for release to the public can be found following the link


European Defense Standards Reference System (EDSTAR)[2]

EDSTAR has been established by the European Defence Agency in 2011. EDA’s participating Member States are the shareholders and consequently the Materiel Standardization Group (MSG) takes decision on any major change requests and proposals of EDSTAR. EDSTAR is to be used by governmental organizations and defense industry for the procurement of defense materiel (including development and production). EDSTAR provides guidance on the selection and use of standards and "standard-like" specifications to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, and interoperability of their application. EDSTAR is a means to consolidate the highly fragmented defence materiel market in Europe. Commonly accepted standards supports and promotes greater interoperability of defense equipment. If you are a member of governmental organization or defense industry you can visit EDSTAR following the link


European Defense Standardization Information System (EDSIS)[3]

EDSIS is the central portal for all European Defense Materiel Standardization services. EDSIS’s main function is to enable the participating Member States of the European Defense Agency and industry to advertise Defense materiel standards that are to be developed or undergo major modification. Other stakeholders from government or industry are able to express their interest in joining the project through the EDSIS portal. This co-operative working enables standards to be developed, recognized and used by a number of parties. Thus EDSIS plays its part in reducing the dependence on national Defense standards. Furthermore EDSIS gives registered users the possibility to get actively involved in creating new standardization solutions and to network with Defense standardization stakeholders. If you are a member of governmental organization or defense industry you can visit EDSIS following the link



The ASSIST-Online is a robust, comprehensive web site providing access to current information associated with military and federal specifications and standards in the management of the US Defense Standardization Program (DSP). ASSIST-Online provides public access to standardization documents over the Internet and includes many powerful reporting features and an exhaustive collection of both digital and warehouse documents. ASSIST is the official source of DoD specifications and standards. For more information on the ASSIST please visit the Official US DoD DSPO official website following the link



StanMIS is an online toolset providing a number of standardization tools and processes including a) Access to NATO Standards and UK Defence Standards b) STANAG Ratification and Implementation management c) Decision Support Tool d) Standardization Management Plans e) Helpdesk enquiries management f) Custom reporting tools. For more information on StanMis please request advice from the Official UK Defence Standardization StanMIS website following the link


Hellenic Armed Forces Specification Management Information System (GR-SMIS)

GR-SMIS provides access to all unclassified technical specifications of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense and simplifies development procedures. In addition GR_SMIS facilitates the participation of all standardization stakeholders in the Technical Dialogue of drafts technical specifications used for defense procurement and the management of comments on approved technical specifications. For more information on GR-SMIS please visit the Official HNDGS Website and request further support following the link


For further advice on developing and/or using defense standardization management tools please get registered/subscribed and join us using the DSA Forum.

[1] The information provided on NSDD is reproduced from the Official NATO Standardization Office  Website

[2] The information provided on EDSTAR is reproduced from the Official European Defence Agency  Website

[3] The information provided on EDSIS is reproduced from the Official European Defence Agency  Website